An Efficient Way to recycle your scrap vehicle

Almost all of us at some point have owned a non-useable car. And these cars when left sitting in the driveway or garage can go further down in value. That’s why we at Delight Car Removal, buy your car and give you top cash on the spot.

We not only deal with scrap cars but with a variety of vehicles including but not restricted to vans, utility vehicles, trucks, 4x4s, buses, etc.

We recycle your scrap car in an eco-friendly manner and tow away your vehicle for FREE.

And We want to provide our customers with a very stress-free experience, so this is why we take care of the complete recycling process from start to finish.

And most importantly, our methods are all according to the environmental guidelines set by the Australian Government.

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    Free Scrap Car Removal In Brisbane QLD Wide

    We know that some companies charge a large towing fee for removing your unwanted cars. But we at Delight Car Removal just consider it a part of our duty. We are strongly against charging our customer a removal fee or any other kinds of hidden charges.

    We provide our services:

    • When you live far away and towing charges are high
    • Your car stopped working on the highway and you need a pickup
    • You have a car that is not in working condition to be driven to our branches

    Just give us a call and tell us your location and we will be there on time to pick up the car free of charge.

    Scrap Car Recycling

    Easy Scrap Car Buying Process

    Our many years of experience in the field have led us to an efficient and foolproof plan that makes a process quick and beneficial.

    Our car removal process includes the following steps:

    Provide information about the vehicle

    For us to be able to estimate the value of the vehicle there are some things that we need to know.

    • The make of the vehicle
    • The model number
    • Year of manufacturing
    • Contact detail

    The information collected will then put into our free quote and then the estimated value of the car will be known.

    estimated value
    online valuation

    Get the estimated value of your vehicle

    Our online valuation tool provides a close approximate value of the car taking into account the data provided by you and market data. The whole inspection will take less than an hour, depending on the state of the car.

    online valuation

    To schedule a pick-up and inspection.

    If our online quote has been to your satisfaction then just give us a call and book an inspection with our customer service team. We will arrive at the agreed time and will pay you a competitive price for your car.

    competitive price for your car
    free car removal

    The final exchange

    Once the offer has been accepted and the paperwork is all taken care of. We will pay you to cash up to $12,000 and remove your car free of charge.

    free car removal

    Eco-friendly Approach to Scrap Car Recycling

    Our vehicle recycling process is as follows:

    Car Removal

    Our recycling process starts at your premises. We remove your scrap car carefully using our conventional tow truck or flatbed tow truck without harming the surrounding area.

    Draining Fluids

    At our branch, we drain out all the toxic fluids within the car such as:

    • Leftover fuel
    • Engine oil
    • Brake oil
    • Washer fluids
    • Coolants

    All the fluids are removed by our professionals so it won’t harm the people handling them.

    Disassembling of the vehicle

    Once the fluids are taken out of the vehicle, now the car is ready to be disassembled. This process involves salvaging useful parts from the vehicles.

    In some cases such as in accident-damaged cars, most parts are in top conditions while others are damaged due to collision. So we collect the useful parts so they can be used in other vehicles.

    Eco-friendly Recycling

    After salvaging of parts, what remains is the metal frame of the vehicle. The car body contains the most metal, hence its flattened and shredded to be sent for metal recycling.