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    Free Vehicle Pickup Across Greater Brisbane

    Delight Car Removal Brisbane has been proud to offer our free scrap car pickup services across greater Brisbane, Caboolture, and the Gold Coast area. We have had a dedicated team of professionals who have consistently delivered outstanding services for over a decade to a wide variety of customers with an even wider variety of needs.

    We proudly offer instant scrap car pickup for vehicles that include

    Whether your car has been totaled in an accident or is in perfectly drivable condition, we won’t hesitate to offer our FREE unwanted car pickup services at your convenience.

    Our experienced team has removed scrap cars from a number of unlikely and downright dangerous situations, but nothing can stop them from carrying out their duties. No matter what situation you find yourself in and your car, you can always be sure to count on Delight Car Removal to be there to offer our free scrap car pickup services, with no strings attached.

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    Get Instant Cash For Any Cars

    We make it ridiculously easy for you to earn instant cash for scrap cars in any state. Your car could be completely written off and unrecognizable and we’ll still give you top dollar up to $12,000 for the value of the metal.

    There are lots of reasons you might want to scrap your car after it’s been in an accident, such as

    • The car is completely beyond repair
    • The cost to repair it might just outweigh the amount you paid for the car when it was brand new
    • Maintaining the car is pricy
    • Car’s exhaust is old and it releases toxic fumes into the air
    • The vehicle has faulty security features

    No matter what your reason for wanting to scrap your vehicle may be, our team of accident car removing experts will be there to take it off your hands and straight to the scrapyard to be recycled. All this is completely FREE so you don’t have to worry about paying an unreasonable amount to the towing company.

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    Scrap Car Pickup

    The Best Towing Service In Town

    Towing companies offer one service, to move your wrecked cars from point A to point B, and that’s where their service stops. But with Delight Car Removal that’s where our services just start.

    We take your vehicle from your preferred pickup location to our scrap yard where we carry out our whole process of Eco-friendly recycling. Recycling involves salvaging parts, cleaning, and recycling your scrap metal car according to International guidelines for recycling scraps.

    With us you get

    • High-Quality Car Removal Service
    • Pay you up to $12,000
    • Accept cars of all make and model
    • All conditions of cars are eligible for our services
    • FREE quick quote on request
    • Service all over Queensland
    • Hassle-free paperwork
    Scrap Car Pickup

    Efficient Car Recycling

    Since 2007 a large part of our mission has been to encourage the public to recycle their scrap cars instead of just abandoning them. We believe in our purpose so much we’re more than happy to pay you to allow us to carry out this mission.

    When we say we purchase cars in all conditions, we mean it. That’s because all scrap metal cars end up the same once we’re done with our process:

    This whole process has been proven to take anywhere from 50% to 90% less energy (depending on the type of metal) than it does to mine metal ores and process them into a useable raw material from scratch.

    If are in possession of an immovable car and you want to scrap the vehicle then get in touch with us. You can fill out our FREE quote form to get a quick quote and then schedule a FREE car removal pickup to get your car taken off. We provide our services 6 days a week and offer you up to $12,000 for your scrap vehicle.