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We are a damaged car removal service operating in QLD with many years of experience in this automobile industry. We are licensed and provide our customers with high-quality service. We make the car removal process stress-free.

In a few easy steps, we will take your accident car off your hands.

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We operate all through QLD and are well equipped to handle any and all kinds of vehicles.

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    Get Cash For Damaged Car Now

    Whether you want to sell your written-off vehicle or scrap car, Delight Car Removal is always at your service. Our people are trained to handle all kinds of vehicles while providing you with top-quality service.

    With towing services as expensive they are, it is important for us to provide customers with convenient services FREE of cost.

    The types of vehicles we are currently accepting are:

    • SUV

    • Trucks

    • Vans

    • Sedan

    • Bus

    • 4×4

    We accept all makes and models, all you have to do is give us a call and we will take care of all your car removal needs.

    Other Scenarios In Which Our Services Can Be Used

    Apart from just removing your old car, our services can be used for other purposes, such as

    • The car has damaged interior

    The outside of the car is just as important as the inside,
    and with a ruined interior this might just be the cause for an

    • When the main parts of the vehicle stop working

    Prolonged use of the vehicle can cause some of its parts and components to become damaged, cars damaged in such a way are accepted by us.

    • Irreparable damage

    Due to natural disasters or because of an

    • If you want to replace your vehicle

    The car that is older in the model, is not the most green, with better options available upgrading might be the best option.

    • If the car has become outdated

    This may be due to its design, safety features or it might not match your lifestyle.

    • A vehicle with a damaged exterior

    A slight scratch or a dent may be forgivable, but if the damage is far greater due to whatever reason a change may be imminent.

    • Liquidity problem

    If you are in need of urgent cash for car, you don’t need to worry anymore. We will handle all of your cash needs. Just bring us the car you wish to trade and we will provide you with top money up to $12,000 in under 24 hrs.

    We Remove Damaged Vehicles And Help The Environment

    We at Delight Car Removal never send any unwanted vehicles to the landfill. Instead, we make sure to reuse and recycle whatever materials we can, before disposing of the vehicle.

    Our team after removing the vehicle from your premises takes the vehicle to our branch to begin the car recycling process. It starts with removing all of the damaged and rusted parts from the car.

    Then all of the useful spare parts are taken out to be used in other vehicles or sold at affordable prices. And the remaining car frame is cleaned and shredded into small pieces and sent to be recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

    If you are in possession of a vehicle that has been damaged beyond repair, give us a call. Our team works 24/7 and will help you along the whole damaged car removal process.

    By selling your damaged vehicle to us, you will be helping the Australian government reduce the number of cars sent to the landfill and contribute to the overall betterment of the environment.

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    Damaged Car Removal

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