Do you have an unwanted car lying around?

Do you have an unwanted car lying inside your garage or rusting away on your driveway? Is it taking up valuable storage space or is it just a general eyesore? Maybe you’ve tried looking for a buyer but just haven’t been able to find someone. Chances are it’s probably unwanted for a reason right? No one’s ever going to buy it, so you might as well offer it up to the landfill site, abandoning it to slowly weather away.

Here’s the thing, we are more than happy to take your unwanted car out of your hands! Not only that, we are more than willing to pay you a competitively attractive price for your free car removal as well!

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    Cash For Unwanted Cars

    We understand that finding potential buyers for a scrap metal car can be an arduous affair. It’s possible that it once held quite a bit of sentimental value for you, something that new buyers simply won’t consider. On the other hand, it could be in a truly decrepit state, barely being able to function, let alone passing a saleability test. Additionally, it could be right at the edge of breaking down, with constant repair work and maintenance required to keep it at a saleable state.

    Ultimately, selling your scrap metal car in private can lead to low-ball offers, requests for pieces to be sold separately – which not only brings down the overall value but also still leaves you stuck on space – all the while covering potential maintenance costs. We follow Australia Government standards.

    This is why we’d like to step in and make this whole process easier for you. Here’s how our process works:

    First off, we will immediately step in and offer a quote to you – not for certain pieces or parts, but for the whole car. This ensures that you are getting the highest possible price for your scrap metal car and none of its value is lost in return.

    Now, we understand that transporting your unwanted car to a buyer can be a hassle in itself. That’s why we’re more than happy to come to you and offer a free damaged car removal service at no additional charge, allowing you to comfortably watch as your unwanted car is towed off to be recycled. All of this is done in accordance with all environmental laws and regulations. It’s fast, easy, and a load off your mind!

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    Does your car qualify for our services?

    There are many reasons for a car to be unwanted, here’s how you can know if your car is eligible for our Cash for Unwanted Cars service.

    It’s as simple as this, as long as your unwanted car is made of metal (we’re sure most of them are) we’re interested! However, it’s worth noting that the amount of cash for cars that you get does depend on a few other factors.

    The more intact your scrap metal car is, the more its price is likely to be. Therefore, try to avoid selling off different parts of your car, and instead offer a full vehicle that would technically be able to function. The competitive prices we offer will guarantee that you’re getting the best deal for your unwanted car!

    If you’re worried that your vehicle is in a dilapidated, immobile state, don’t worry either. Our team of professionals is always on hand to come to you and offer a free old car removal; no need to fret about additional charges!

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    Get your hands on instant cash for cars

    Our cash for cars service will provide you with the quoted price of your car on that very day! As such, there’s no need to worry about when your money will arrive or constantly check for your cheques in the mail. It’s simple and direct.

    Scrap car recycling is at the base of several industries and their production processes, meaning that quite a high value is placed on collected scrap metal. That’s why we’re willing to offer the best possible deal for your unwanted car – we understand the value of what you’re offering.

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    Environmentally-friendly free car removal

    When you leave an unwanted car just lying around, or if you decide to place it in a landfill, there’s quite a noticeable impact on the environment. This shouldn’t be the case, as it’s easily recyclable, and you would be giving up the chance to be rewarded in the process.

    Mitigating our carbon footprint is at the forefront of our business goals; it’s the whole reason we’re committed to picking apart scrap metal cars than just simply disposing of them.

    Each step in our recycling process, from breakdown, to sorting, to melting, is all done in accordance with all environmental regulations and after consulting all up-to-date eco-friendly guidelines. Hazardous waste is disposed of with care and diligence and we filter and repurpose what we can, all in the name of a better, more beautiful Australia.

    To use our Cash for Unwanted Cars and free car removal services, all you have to do is get in touch with us through this contact form or by simply calling us at 0455684035 right now.