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    Sell Your Scrap Metal For Cash In Few Simple Steps

    To get a more accurate and fast quote, follow the steps below:

    • Describe your scrap (mixed metals, one type of metal, metal mixed with other nonmetallic, etc.)
    • Give your contact details and location.
    • separate your scrap into ferrous and non-ferrous metal
    • Upload a picture of your scrap metals
    • Provide an estimated weight of the metals you want to sell

    We can provide you with a quick quote for your scrap metals by following these steps. We also offer FREE scrap removal services all over QLD for your convenience.

    Whether it is is scrap metal removal from your home or large demolition sites, we are here to help your out. Just call us, and our customer service will help you sell your commercial scraps.

    Sell Your Scrap Metal For Cash

    Straightforward Services To Help Discard Your Scraps

    FREE Scrap Metal Collection Service

    This service is suitable for large industries. We offer FREE scrap metal recycling from large demolition sites and industries. We have trucks and vehicles available to carry bulky metals to our location and provide stress-free services to our industrial clients.

    On-site scrap metal drop-off locations

    On-site, we have large weighbridges and various drop-off points so customers can easily bring their wastes to be weighted and given cash for scrap metals.

    Variety of Scrap Bins

    You can hire specialty skip metal bins from us for small household metal scraps or small projects. We offer various sizes of bins all over QLD. Just choose the size best suited to your needs, and we will provide same-day drop-offs.

    Are you starting a new project? Call us to book our service and to take care of your metal wastes.

    Types of Scrap Metal We Purchase

    At Delight Car Removal Brisbane, we purchase all types of metals, including non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals. Ferrous metals have iron in their structure; these metals tend to rust and are magnetic. While non-ferrous metals don’t have iron in them and are not magnetic,

    Here is a brief list of types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their common sources:

    Non-Ferrous Metals

    • Aluminium
    • Batteries
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Electric Motors
    • Electrical Wire
    • Insulated cables
    • Lead
    • Transformers

    Ferrous Metals

    • Car scrap
    • Cast Iron
    • Demolition scrap
    • Metal offcuts from manufacturing
    • Obsolete Machinery
    • Pipe
    • Steel
    • Structural beam

    To get top cash on the spot for all types of scrap metals and scrap cars, fill our form.

    Cash for Scrap Metal

    Why Choose Us?

    Delight Car Removal has been serving the QLD market since 2007. We have in-depth knowledge of scrap metal recycling and ensure that we do it in the most eco-friendly way possible. Our clients include various large, small, private, and government organizations. Along with that, we also provide our services to small contractors and the general public.

    Below are the reasons why we should be your first choice to get top cash for scrap metals in QLD:

    • FREE Removal Services

    We know how expensive and challenging scrap metal removal can be; that’s why our services are designed to offer you convenience and quick removal. All you have to do is fill our quote form.

    • Large Fleet of Trucks

    As we remove wastes from large industries and the general public, we have trucks of various sizes to suit each type of customer’s need.

    • Calibrated Weighbridge

    We have installed calibrated weighbridge in our branches. Customers can now get an accurate weight and receive a fair amount of cash for scrap metals.

    • Various Sizes of Scrap Metal Bins

    With us, you can find small bins suitable for domestic metal wastes and large containers needed for industrial cleanups. You can contact our customer services to know which bins will suit your needs.

    To learn more about our services and metal recycling process, get in touch today!