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    Recycling Scrap Metal Cars and Salvage

    Most of us are aware of the value of recycling. In fact, the concept is synonymous with items like old newspapers and plastic bottles – the more items that are repurposed instead of being thrown into a landfill means you save on energy and produce less waste. When it comes to what we recycle, one sector that often gets overlooked is scrap metal.

    Recycling scrap metal, by means such as scrap car recycling, reduces the need to mine more ore from around the world. This includes metals such as iron, brass, steel, and copper. It’s unfortunate then that a majority of these reusable materials end up simply discarded. This can be mostly attributed to either lack of knowledge or equipment for metal recycling.

    At Speedy Cash for Cars, we’re not just here to scrap metal cars, but to educate you on the scrap metal recycling process and how you can make some cash along the way too.

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    Getting Cash for Scrap Metal Cars and Salvage

    Interestingly, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that recycling scrap metal can earn you cash. For instance, an old scrap metal car can be worth quite a lot to the right buyer. Many industries rely on scrap metal for key production processes, and as a result, the value of scrap metal cars and scrap metal, in general, is always on the rise.

    Indeed it is possible to earn regular revenue through scrap metal collection, and at Speedy Cash, for Scrap Metal we pay you fair amounts for scrap free car removal and your gathered scrap metal. So, don’t just leave your scrap metal to waste away, or be buried in some landfill. You’re simply throwing away perfectly recyclable scrap metal that you could be selling to us!

    Knowing What Scrap Metal You’re Selling

    Now, when it comes to gathering up scrap metal for selling or scrap car removal, it quite literally pays to know what you’re selling – specifically, what metals. As a nice bit of reference, we’ve listed down what metals you should be looking out for, and what you can be expected to be paid for them.

    Copper displays a metallic red color if it’s in good condition, and a darker brown mixed with a few splotches of green rust if its seen some wear and tear. Copper is one of the most lucrative ways to get cash for scrap metal, whether by directly salvaging or through scrap car removals. It’s worth noting that copper is quite the common material in houses; it’s found in plumbing, electrical appliances, and roofing materials. When it comes to getting cash for recycling scrap metal, copper is at the top of the list. As such, we’re more than happy to pay you for any copper scrap metal you are able to salvage or able to sell us with scrap car removals.

    Aluminium is a whitish, silvery metal that often is painted over with other colours. Its found in a variety of different things, from gutters and window frames to soda cans and even your scrap metal cars. Its frequency does mean that it’s not quite as valuable as some other metals, however, a good haul of the metal can easily net you a tidy sum.

    Steel is perhaps the most common metal used around the world, and as such, it can be salvaged from a great variety of different items, including scrap metal cars. Like aluminium, this does mean that it isn’t as valuable pound for pound when compared to a metal like copper. Still, it’s good practice to collect steel scrap when you see it or factor it in when deciding on a scrap car removal.

    Brass is a relatively heavy metal with a mainly yellowish colour, with a few hints of red. It’s composed of a combination of zinc and copper, and is mainly used for plumbing and bathroom fixtures, as well as for hardware like keys and door handles. When it comes to price, brass sits somewhere in between copper and the more common steel and aluminium. Additionally, its density means that a few pieces of brass can quickly add up in terms of weight.

    With these facts in mind, you now know what to look out for when searching for scrap metal or thinking of a scrap car removal. All that’s left is to figure out how you can sell your scrap metal for cash.
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    How Can You Sell Your Scrap Metal Cars and Salvage

    Our team of professionals are always at hand to come over and strip away your scrap metal cars or pick up any metal salvage you’ve collected, all without you being charged any additional costs.

    If the metal can be sorted and purified to give it a new value, we’re all set You will not need to worry about the paperwork as our truck drivers will help you with them. But do have proof of ID and proof of vehicle ownership when you call us.

    The process of selling your scrap metal for cash is quite easy and straight-forward. We utilize the latest weighbridges and platform scales – all of which receive constant accuracy checks from the Council – to accurately gauge the quality and quantity of your scrap metal car or salvage, subsequently naming a fair price for your salvage.

    And that’s it! All you have to do is get in touch with us through this contact form , or by simply calling us at right now.

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