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Delight Car Removal Brisbane has been buying Cash For Scrap Cars since 2007. Every year new models of cars arrive in the market. And due to safety concerns among others concerns, people abandon their old cars and move on to newer ones.

Selling these unwanted vehicles has never been this easy. With Delight Car Removal, we buy your unwanted cars quickly and pay you upwards of $12,000 for them.

All you have to do is:

  • Fill our online form or call us to get your FREE quote in 1 minute
  • If you like the quote schedule an inspection
  • Our team will inspect the car and give you a final offer
  • Schedule a pick-up date and time
  • Accept the offer, fill the paperwork
  • Get Paid!
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    Rely On Us For The Best Scrap Car Removal Service 

    Delight Car Removal provides the best Cash For Scrap Cars service in the area. We buy your old automobile with no rego necessary. We accept cars that are:

    And pay you the amount of $12,000 in instant cash. To get a FREE vehicle removal call us now!

    Our method is highly beneficial for us and the seller. We have a network of clients in all of Australia. These clients help us sell your car fast and at the best rates. So it doesn’t matter the condition or type of car you have, you are eligible for our services.

    Scrap Car Removal

    We Help You Dispose Of All Types Of Vehicles

    At Delight Car Removal we are not specific about brands and models of cars we accept. Unlike our competitors, we don’t only accept cars of the more in-demand brands but buys all brands of vehicles. Whether it’s Japanese. Korean, American, or European.

    Below is a list of brands we are accepting:

    We offer our customers eco-friendly recycling for their old vehicles and same-day pick-up all over QLD. Our unique and differentiated services are the reason why we are a highly regarded business in Queensland.

    For any questions about the types of vehicles we buy or any questions relating to our recycling process, fill our form. And our customer service agent will be in touch with you shortly.

    Why DelighCarRemoval Are The Best In Our Field

    Skilled professionals the Best in their fields 

    We have hired employees that are the best at what they do. This makes carrying out our processes easy. We have:

    • Trained staff to conduct 24/7 customer service operations
    • Skilled drivers who work around the clock to remove your vehicles

    Highly experienced consultants that accurately evaluate your vehicles.

    Latest technology for scrap removal and recycling

    Delight Car Removal offers you FREE cash for car removal by using our top-of-the-line machinery to pick your vehicles. All the materials that needed to be recycled pass through our industry-standard machinery for effective disassembling and recycling.

    All variety of vehicles are eligible

    We ensure the purchase of all types of vehicles whether it is cars, vans, Utes, SUVs, trucks, machinery, 4×4, etc. We recycle scrap cars, therefore we don’t worry about them being roadworthy or in good condition.

    Eco-Conscious Approach To Recycling 

    Our approach to recycling is to use and reuse the available resources without extracting them from the earth. Extraction of the metal not only releases a huge amount of toxic fumes into the air but also consumes a lot of energy to carry out the whole process.If the metal can be sorted and purified to give it a new value, we’re all set You will not need to worry about the paperwork as our truck drivers will help you with them. But do have proof of ID and proof of vehicle ownership when you call us.

    With our eco-friendly recycling process, we preserve our environment and provide an alternative source of metal to many industries.

    Our process includes

    • Remove rusted metal from the body of the car. This includes parts from the body and other spare parts within the car that are of no use.
    • We remove all the toxic fluids within the car that includes oils, fuels, and other liquids,
    • All the toxic liquids and rusted metal is disposed of safely so it won’t harm the people who handle them.
    • The car is now ready to be disassembled.
    • Disassembling also involves salvaging all of the workable spare parts from within the car.
    • Once all the parts are removed, what remains is the metal body of the car. This body holds 70% of the metal in the car.
    • This frame is then cleaned and shredded into small pieces to be recycled.
    Scrap Cars Recycling
    Cash For Cars Brisbane

    When To Use Delight Car Removal’s Cash For Scrap Car Services?

    1. When the car is badly damaged and is of no use
    2. If your car has suffered a serious car accident
    3. The cost of maintaining the car is high
    4. If there is a Cash For Scrap Cars in your neighborhood
    5. If you want to replace your old vehicle with a new one
    6. When the car exhaust is releasing toxic gasses and has lost its efficiency

    To make an easy and quick sale of your car, call us now.

    Cash For Cars Brisbane