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Delight Car Removal is a well-known old car buyer in the ­­­­­­Brisbane area. We have been in this business for a long time and with our networks of garages and car dealers, we make selling your car easy for our customers. Because of our networks, we are able to provide you with cash up to $12,000 upfront without delays.

Selling your car has its benefits, with us you get paid quick cash for old cars on the spot and also get FREE car removal services. This is a big advantage because in Australia towing prices are very high and people choose to abandon their vehicle on the roadside instead of paying the towing fees.

We charge no hidden fee from our customers and offer them the best services QLD-wide.

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    Sell Your Old Cars To Us

    Selling an old car can prove to be much more difficult than selling a new car. Unless the old car is in the impeccable condition it’s hard to get good value for it. The most car selling process involves placing ads on multiple sites and extensive haggling with the prospective buyers.

    With us, you can save your time and energy. We offer quick quotes to our customers. These quotes are constructed after analyzing the information you provide to us about your vehicle and the current market value of the car. Rest assured, with us you will get the best price for cars. We work with integrity and transparency providing customers top-quality service.

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    Sell Your Old Car
    Cash For Old Cars

    Get Instant Cash For Car Within A Day

    With our quick and simple car selling process, you can get rid of your old vehicles in no time. Just by following few simple steps set by us you can earn up to $12,000 in instant cash.

    • Fill our online quote form or call us and provide information about your vehicle.
    • We will provide you with a FREE accurate estimation of your vehicle within 1 minute.
    • If you like the offer, schedule with us an inspection of your vehicle.
    • We will arrive for inspection at your decided location, right on time.
    • Once the inspection is done, we will provide you with our final offering (This offer lasts 3 days)
    • If you accept the offer, we will hand you the cash for old cars up to $12,000 and take your vehicle keys and offer your FREE car removal.
    Sell Your Old Car

    Eco-conscious Car Disposal

    At DelightCarRemoval, we understand what important roles vehicles play in impacting our environment. In Australia alone, there are more than 500,000 ends of live vehicles annually being disposed of and send to landfills. We here aim to reuse and recycle these metal resources to be used in various industries.

    We recycle the metals we get from scrap, or old vehicles and recycle them in an eco-friendly manner. Recycling helps us save a massive amount of energy and reduces toxic fumes in the atmosphere.

    Recycling metal saves approximately 80% of the energy compared to the energy used for mining metal ores. This also saves the use of fossil fuels used in mining, hence improving the toxins in the air.

    When you sell your old cars to us, you are choosing an environmentally conscious choice to help the planet instead of harming it.

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    What Do We Do With Your Old Cars?

    After purchasing your vehicles we

    • Remove all the rusted components of the car and dispose of them safely
    • Get rid of all the toxic fluids within the vehicle such as fuel, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.
    • Disassemble the vehicle and take out all of the working spare parts in it.
    • The metal frame is cleaned and shredded into tiny pieces so it can be easily melted during the recycling process.

    These metal sheds are sent for eco-friendly recycling and from there its sold to whatever industry is in need of metal. The spare parts collected from old vehicles are fixed and sold to whoever needs them at affordable prices.

    To get your car recycled or to look-up our spare parts inventory reach us.

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    With us you get:

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