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Delight Car Removal is reliable cash for cars Brisbane service provider for anyone looking to get paid in exchange for their old car in:

We have been in business since 2007 and have the experience and knowledge to provide customers with the best services in the whole of Queensland. Our services range from cash for cars, car removals, and eco-friendly car wrecking.

Call us today! We pay cash up to $12,000 in instant cash for your unwanted cars in Brisbane.

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    Accept All Conditions Of Vehicle

    We know the value of all cars, that’s why whatever vehicle you own in whatever condition, we will purchase it from you and pay you generously.

    We buy vehicles that are

    Just give us a call, and our customer service agents are working 24/7 to help you throughout the car selling process.

    We make sure we answer all of your queries and give you sound advice as to what steps you should take and what documents are required for a fast car sale.

    Best Car Buyers in Brisbane

    We pride ourselves on providing customers instant cash for cars Brisbane in any condition. We accept all cars including cars, vans, Utes, trucks, sedans, 4×4, busses, and even industrial equipment.
    Just give us a call or fill our online form and our tow trucks will arrive at your location for FREE removal of your unwanted vehicles.
    Whether your car is a fender-bender or completely totaled, we will buy it. We accept all brands of cars including but not limited to:

    Sell your car in a hassle-free manner and earn up to $12,000 in instant cash, Call Now

    The Best Choice For All Your Car Removal Needs

    Towing charges are at an all-time high. Many people choose to abandon their cars on the roadside over paying high towing rates. But with us, we offer you FREE car removal services from anywhere you like. Just show us proof of ownership and we will tow your vehicles on the same day.

    • We offer the best rates in Brisbane, Caboolture, and Gold Coast
    • FREE car removal across Queensland
    • The vehicle doesn’t have to be roadworthy
    • Easy pick-up scheduling
    • Convenient paperwork
    • All the staff are professional and trained
    • Offer eco-friendly recycling of the vehicle
    • Licensed business

    Getting cash for scrap cars is easy with us. Call now!

    Car Removal Brisbane

    Our Simple Process

    Selling your car has never been easier. Just by taking few steps, you can sell your car in a day and get up to $12,000 instant cash in your pockets.

    Provide vehicle details

    Simply enter the details of your vehicles such as

    • Contact details
    • Make of vehicle
    • Model number
    • Year
    • Suburb

    Our FREE quote tool will use the above information and current market data to provide you with an approximate price for your vehicle within few minutes.

    Get an Estimation of your car

    Our tool will provide an estimate, but the actual offer will be made after our team will arrive at your location and physically inspect the car. The inspection time for an old vehicle takes up to 40 minutes while inspection for a wrecked or scrap vehicle takes even less.

    Schedule a pick-up and inspection

    Customers can easily schedule an inspection by calling our customer service team and picking a date from the time slots provided. We make sure we arrive right on your selected date and time.

    Our experts will inspect the vehicle and give you a market competitive price for your vehicle.

    Earn instant cash

    Once the offer is accepted and all the paperwork signed, we will hand over your cash up to $12,000 and tow the vehicle away for FREE.

    A Better Way Than Private Sale

    By using our services, you can save time and get the best payment for your car. By selling your car to Delight Car Removal you don’t have to worry about fixing up your vehicle, or placing numerous ads all over the internet or in newspapers. With just a few simple steps you can rid of your car.

    The best part, we charge no hidden charges. We will never charge unnecessary admin fees or documentation fees from our customers. All of these services are FREE of cost.

    Cash For Cars Brisbane

    Recycle Your Car with Us

    You can help us preserve our environment by choosing eco-friendly recycling over dumping your vehicles in landfills. We use an efficient process to recycle scrap metal from vehicles according to the guidelines set by the Government of Australia.

    When we receive a completely wrecked scrap car, the first thing we do is drain it of all liquids and remove all of the rusted parts from it. All of the rusted parts and liquids are disposed of safely.

    After that we take apart the working parts from the vehicle to be reused in other vehicles and the metal body of the vehicles is cleaned and shredded into small pieces to be recycled.

    This recycling is more energy-efficient and cost-efficient than mining for metals. Not only this but also helps reuse the millions of end-on-life vehicles abandoned each year in Australia.