The Best Choice For Car Wreckers In Brisbane Area

With the end of life vehicles increasing all over the country, choosing the right car wreckers in Brisbane is quite important in this time and age. Delight Car Removal is a car wrecking expert in the QLD market. We provide customers with the best way to wreck their vehicles and gain cash up to $12,000 in return.

Delight Car Removal is a well-regarded and licensed business in the QLD area. Our 12 years of experience in this industry, provides us with an insight on how to provide top-quality services to customers and pay them instant cash for cars in return. We hire only the most experienced people in the industry and provide customers FREE car removal services for wrecked vehicles.

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    Evaluate The Value Of Your Vehicle In 4 Steps

    Types Of Unwanted Vehicles We Purchase

    Junk Defective Cars

    These cars suffer from major issues and are very expensive to fix. defective Junk cars suffer from problems such as:

    • Seized Engine
    • Transmission failure
    • Gearbox problems
    • Faulty exhaust
    • Commercial vehicles

    All varieties of commercial vehicles are accepted whether they are heavy-duty vehicles or light-duty we will buy them all.

    Junk Defective Cars
    Abandoned vehicles

    Abandoned vehicles

    Cars that don’t have a road-worthy certificate. These vehicles are not eligible to be driven on roads and fixing them can be expensive.

    Abandoned vehicles

    Accident damaged cars

    Vehicles that are damaged due to accidents are also eligible for our services. These cars can have minor damage such as broken bumper or major damage to the body.

    We buy vehicles that are:

    • Damaged due to hail
    • Damaged in fire
    • Collision damaged
    • Drowned
    Accident damaged cars

    Why Choose Our Car Wreckers Brisbane Service?

    Car Wreckers Brisbane

    Hassle-free Car Wrecking Process

    Car Removal Brisbane makes sure to carry out all of our car wrecking processes by following the guidelines set up by the Australian government. We are a reliable company providing easy solutions to the residents of Brisbane.

    By using our eco-friendly recycling services you can dispose of your vehicle without harming the environment.

    We recycle wrecked cars in 3 easy steps

    • 1. Cleaning the vehicle

    We remove all of the rusted metal components and all the fluids such as brake fluid, coolant, etc, from the car. All of these are disposed of safely.

    • 2. Salvaging the parts

    The vehicle is dismantled to salvage all of the usable components from the car. Whether they are rims, gearbox, engine, etc. All of these auto parts are taken out and restored to be sold.

    • 3. Metal Recycling

    After the salvaging process, the remaining metal frame is cleaned and shredded to aid the recycling process. This metal after recycling is sold off to whoever requires it.