How To Get The Best Deal On Your Old Bomb


Whether it’s served you well or was frankly a hassle from start to finish, keeping your old, bombed-out car around the place is rarely a good idea. After all, as well as eating up a garage or parking space, that old vehicle could quickly lead to escalating familial arguments and a load of stress that nobody needs! The problem is that, even if you hate the sight of that rusted-out old thing, you don’t want to rush into getting rid at the cost of potential returns. 

That’s because, as long as they’re made of metal, even scrap cars these days can be worth more than you’d imagine. Hence why you (and your relationship) might benefit from considering the following viable ways to make the most money possible from your old bomb at last.


1. Get realistic about condition

You feel like you know that old car by heart. Heck, you’ve seen it enough times that you’re familiar with every swirl of rust and every broken hinge! But, despite this familiarity, you might not know as much about your old vehicle’s condition as you think.

This is especially true if it’s been a while since you’ve driven it, or if you never really took the time to delve into its inner workings before having your head turned by a replacement. As such, the first step to getting the most money for even a dilapidated model is to deep-dive into some more specific information about its condition. Namely, think about things like the condition of any parts, whether or not the engine still runs, and so on.

2. Cut emotional ties

Emotional ties between a person and their old car can be intense, especially if there’s sentimental value tied up in those now past-it parts. Still, taking steps to cut those ties remains the best way to get down to finally making some money.

In many respects, this is something you’ll need to do for yourself, and could include things like a walk down memory lane (e.g. looking at pictures of you driving your beloved) or even just sitting in there and talking to the dash if that helps. By reminding you of what’s so great about that vehicle in the first place, this process can especially push you to get the best deal from an old friend that you’re finally ready to part with.


3. Work your magic

Even scrap cars can earn more depending on their condition. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on doing up your old vehicle before car removal, nor does it mean you need to become some a mechanical whizz. It does, however, mean that you could benefit from working a little magic to turn your bomb into a more appealing sales prospect.

In some cases, something as simple as cleaning out the cobwebs and giving them a wash will help with this. You may also find that basic fixes like new engine fluid or a replacement gear stick (which is relatively cheap in the long run) are all of the spruce you need to see significantly higher returns. Simply do your research, understand the cheapest improvements you can make, and consider whether they’ll help your prospects in the grand scheme of things. 


4. Find an affordable way to sell

You could still see a pittance for your old vehicle if you have to hire a tow truck to get it to the scrap yard. In fact, this could eat up your profits before they’ve even trickled in. Hence why you also need to seek an affordable way to sell, as offered by car removal companies like Delight Car Removal. Instead of expecting you to do the work, companies like this will take all of the hassles, and cost, out of old vehicle removal for you, as well as offering competitive cash for cars in any condition.

Delight Car Removal is an especially tempting option for earnings because they offer free quotes, free car removals, and same-day collection complete with cash-in-hand. With these benefits on board, you can ensure that every little piece of worth your old car holds lands directly in your pockets, instead of fading away from the sheer effort, it takes to get rid of that old friend in the first place. 

Parting with an old car can be tricky both from an emotional and technical perspective, but seeking the easiest, most lucrative deal for your old bomb can turn the previously painful process of car removal into a joy that lines your pockets for a long time.